Motto Farm Veterinary Hospital is an "A" Class facility dedicated to treating your pet.  When you come to visit us, services we provide are :

General MedicineFrom intensive care and emergency medicine through to preventative medicine strategies our broad range of expertise will find the best solutions for your animal.  In house testing facilities and ready access to specialist opthalmology services assist us in accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatments.

Surgery - Our Hospital is licensed by the Veterinary Surgeons Board of New South Wales for all types of small animal veterinary surgery.  We are experienced in a wide range of surgeries from routine speys through to complicated cardiovascular and orthopaedic surgery as well as reproductive procedures.  Our Principal Veterinary Surgeon, Dr Martin Strong, has a very strong interest in surgery and stays abreast of all the latest developments. 

We are now offering a Tibial Tuberosity Advancement procedure for the treatment of cruciate ligament rupture in dogs.

Diagnostic Imaging - The diagnostic X-Rays of soft tissue and bone abnormalities assist in diagnosis of disease.  We also provide breeders with hip and elbow X-Rays of their animals for Australian Scoring purposes and we are accredited for Penn Hip X-Rays.

Ultrasound allows us to examine more closely soft tissues within the body, including the heart, liver and spleen.  It also allows early diagnosis of pregnancy which can be done from 25 days of pregnancy.

Using Endoscopy we can assess the stomach, bowel and mouth.

Dentistry - Prevention is often better than the cure and routine cleaning of teeth is an important part of your animal's health.  Our ultrasonic dental scaler and precision air driven equipment delivers first class dental care.

Reproduction - A full reproductive service is available.  Whether you need help with a natural mating, timing of your bitches, progesterone testing, artificial insemination or frozen semen our well-equipped facility will meet your needs.  We have a frozen semen storage facility.  Male and female infertility treatments are also available.

Ophthalmology - Eye injuries are common and appropriate treatment is essential.  Specific magnifying equipment and diagnostic tests allow us to treat a broad range of conditions including ulceration, glaucoma and entropian.   If an eye is injured do not delay in contacting us.  We also have a visiting eye specialist who regularly consults from our rooms.

Breeders' Services - Vaccinations and microchipping carried out at special litter rates.  We have a large number of breeder clients and we strive to meet their specific needs.

Oncology - Cancer treatment and management is becoming a greater part of our practice.  We are able to offer an exciting range of treatments from reconstructive surgery to chemotherapy and palliative care.  By tailoring these methods we have been able to significantly improve outcomes for our patients while continuing our focus on the quality of their lives.

Export Examinations - We are also certified for your pre-export examination, including blood tests and specific vaccinations (e.g. rabies).

Puppy PreSchool - We offer a highly professional puppy preschool at our hospital run by "Barkers in Balance" which is a dedicated dog training company and their passion is the training of your pet.  Like us, they are interested in starting off your dog's training in the right manner, ensuring a long and happy friendship with you and your family.  Contact Barkers in Balance on 0409 513 984 or click on their website, or ring our practice for further details.